Latest News

New Albums for Warner Chappell Production Music

I have been busy composing several albums for Warner Chappell Production Music. We recorded four albums with live orchestra in Los Angeles. They feature several violin and cello solos, my electronic sound design, and my Halo performances. They are available globally on WCM’s music network, and will be released on all streaming platforms soon.

BMI Award For Shiny Happy People

Thank you to BMI for recognizing my score for Amazon’s “Shiny Happy People” at their 2024 Film & Television Awards ceremony.

About Gregory Tripi

Greg’s music is difficult to pin down. Why did he spend all those years studying bassoon, just so he can play with synthesizer knobs?

He’s got a nice piano in his house, but would rather play his Halo drum. Every shirt in his closet is black (or very dark grey), but his compositions occasionally sound purple.

If you ever go to New York and find a real onion bialy, please bring him back a bag, and you will be compensated nicely. There’s a link to IMDB on this page for his long list of film and tv credits.

When Greg is not in his studio composing music, he can be found playing extreme volleyball with his friends on the beach.